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Royal Belum Park , situted in the northernmost corner of Perak bordering Thailand, covers an area of 175,500ha..Royal Belum Parkmajestic rocks, date to the Devonian/Silurian period about 400 million years ago. The formation of the lake was the result of the construction of a dam for the generation of hydroelectricity. The dam’s four turbines produce an average of 870GWh annually.

Composed mainly of pristine rainforest, the park is traversed by numerous river systems draining into the Perak River and Lake Temenggor. The park area encompasses the northernmost parts of Lake Temenggor and on its southern flank meets the Temenggor Forest Reserve, while the western boundary abuts the Gerik Forest Reserve. The Belum-Temenggor Rainforest complex total area covers 345,000ha which includes 45,000ha of water bodies.

The limestone hills of Belum are believed to be some of the oldest in the peninsula, dating back over 200 million years to the late Jurassic early Triassic period. While some of the limestone islands in the southern part of the lake, once majestic rocks , date to the Devonian/Selurian period about 400 million years ago. 

There are three major forest types within the park - lowland dipterocarp forest, hill dipterocarp forest and lower montane forest. There is a distinctive northern element to the species diversity as the area borders Thailand. This forest has essentially remained untouched for the last 130 million years.


Nestled within the protected Belum Valley, Royal Belum’s unspoilt natural beauty is widely recognised. Its virgin rainforest possesses a complex ecosystem and is one of the few places in Malaysia where one can find the rare Rafflesia. It is also an important habitat for a number of endangered species such as the seladang, the Asian Elephant, the Malayan Tiger and the Sumatran Rhinoceros.  Royal Belum is the only forest in Malaysia where all ten species of Malaysian hornbills can be found