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KOTA MAHSURI with its fabled and historical past is a significant site on the island that has been preserved for posterity. Located about 12 km from Kuah, this memorial is erected in honour of Mahsuri, a fair maiden who had been unjustly accused of adultery. According to legend, she had bled white blood at her execution as a sign of her innocence. In her dying breath, she laid a curse on the island, declaring that it would remain barren for seven generations. Fact or fiction, seven generations have since passed and today, Langkawi is a flourishing tourist destination. There is also a museum here where tourists can view a recorded interpretation of the Mahsuri legend.


Opening Hours:

8am-6pm (weekdays)
8am-6.30pm (weekends)


Admission Fee: 

Malaysian: RM5 (Adults), RM2,50 (Children)

Non-Malaysian: RM10 (Adults), RM5 (Children)