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Asia City Trip


Penang has been listed as one of the best destinations to visit for the ultimate Asia experience by CNN Travel, along with 16 other destinations. Ilisted Penang for its “diverse mix of cities, islands and entire countries to consider for adventures”.


CNN Travel said the island of Penang, off the western coast of Malaysia, was a mecca for food and architecture lovers. George Town, the island's main city, made for an ideal home base, thanks to a dynamic cityscape that's punctuated by British colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and ornate Chinese manor houses.“You'll crave dishes like Hokkien mee (prawn noodles), roti canai (an Indian-influenced flat bread dish with dal or curry) and Penang laksa for years after visiting,” CNN said.


Earlier this year (March 2019), Penang was also chosen as one of the best places to travel to by CNN Travel. George Town was also named by Forbes, as the 10th best budget tourism destination for 2016. The Los Angeles Times also listed Penang it among 16 must-visit destinations in 2016.